We employ only dedicated, qualified and innovative teaching staff
  Our staff consists of qualified teachers (one of whom is the Principal), and assistants who have studied relevant courses. Support staff consists of an Admin Manager, General worker and a caretaker
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  School Hours
From: 7:30 to 12:30. Children can be dropped off from 7:30am, but our morning programme only starts at 8:15am and we don't want children to arrive later than this as they miss valuable learning experiences and disrupt the class. All children, other than those staying for aftercare, should have left the school by 13:00pm. Special permission must be obtained from the Principal should a child need to be collected later. Late collection of children interrupts staff meetings and inconveniences the teachers who need time to prepare for the following day.
  School facilities
Our school premises are situated within the village of Irene at 39 Crawford Road. Being in Irene, it is a wooded, leafy environment with lots of open space for free play. Care has been taken to provide the children with outdoor activity equipment and jungle gyms in order to promote physical development and free play. Access to the school is safe and controlled.
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Education program
Irene Pre-primary offers a high-standard Grade R curriculum as well as Grade RR and Grade RRR. Pre-primary education lays the foundations of a child’s knowledge, skills and rules of behaviour that create prerequisites for successful progress in daily life and school. Therefore, at Irene Pre-primary, we provide a stimulating play environment for the Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social and Emotional development of the child. It prepares children for an easy adjustment to primary education and it focuses on the holistic development of the child.
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  Children - Daily Programme/Routine
The Daily programme is posted inside each class. 7:30 Arrival and free play inside. The children arrive and start to play with the different toys that are set out for the day. This includes
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Internal and extramural activities are scheduled every term to not only stimulate the social, intellectual and physical development of the children but also to encourage parent participation and interaction.

There is also a wide range of weekly cultural, educational and physical extra-mural activities presented at the school and off-premises at an additional fee and this
includes the following...


Annual activities include:
•  Sports Day
•  Easter Bunny Visit
•  Mini-Argus Cycle Race
•  Games Day
•  Nativity Play
•  Graduation Gr R's