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Home Screening Questionnaires

Symptom Screening Questions:  Answer YES or NO to the questions below. Simply tick the appropriate block.
    YES  NO
1. Does your child have a temperature of 38°C or higher?       
2. Does your child have a dry persistent cough?       
3. Does your child complain about having a sore throat?       
4. Does your child have difficulty breathing normally?       
5. Does your child complain about feeling weak or tired?       
6. Did your child indicate to you that food or drinks taste different than usual?       
7. Are there any signs that your child’s smell is affected?       
8. Have you noticed any rashes on your child’s skin, or discolouration on their fingers and toes?       
9. Has your child been having a runny tummy when he/she goes to the bathroom?       
10. Has your child shown any signs of nausea or vomiting?